The Gala-Dalí Castle in Púbol, open to the public since 1996, discovers a medieval building where Salvador Dalí materialized a great creative thinking in only one person, Gala, and a function, a suitable place for rest and refuge for his wife.

When Dalí bought the Castle in 1969, it was very deteriorated. All of this gave the complex a romantic aspect, which is what the Dalí’s tried to maintain in the restoration they commissioned.

Salvador Dalí used the semi-ruined walls and ceilings in a very intelligent way, creating unsuspected spaces with very contrasting dimensions; he conceived the interior decoration based on pictorial representations on the walls, false architectures, textile baroque, antiques, symbolism of a romantic nature … The result is a closed, mysterious, private, austere and sober place, with spaces of great beauty such as the former kitchen converted into a bathroom or the curious Piano Room.

Púbol Castle has its own personality. It is Dalí’s gift to Gala, whom he adores and he cannot access without her written permission. In this sense, Dalí’s handwritten text, “Le château de Gala, la Gala du château” (sic), in the book by Jean-Charles Pichon, L’homme et les dieux, is illustrative.

Castell Gala-Dalí